Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Boise Brewery Boom Over!!!


In the next few months, Powderhaus Brewing  and Barbarian Brewing will open to become the 16th and 17th Boise Area Breweries.  Both will join Payette BrewingHaff BrewingCrooked Fence Barrel House and the recently opened County Line Brewery in Garden City.  Also opening in Boise will be the 18th Boise Area Brewery: Clairvoyant Brewing .

On the Horizon:

1 - Black Bird Brewing
2 - Charters House Brewing,
3 - Summit Ridge Brewery
4 - Accomplice Brewing

The 4 Breweries listed above are still in the early planning stages and are probably one to two years away from opening.  I am not sure any of these will ever open. Over the last few years since the opening of Payette Brewing, Two or Three Breweries have opened every year.  Looks like the trend will end in 2016 unless the rumored secret Brewery from a prominate local craft beer icon opens in 2016.

The list did have 5 breweries, but Amagi Brewery dropped out.  Josh Paulson decided to go a different direction and start Amagi Mushrooms.  Good luck to Josh.

Back to the Breweries that ARE slated to open in the new few months:

Powderhaus Brewing :will  be Opening in 2015 at 9716 Chinden Blvd. Garden City. I have been watching the building progress with each trip to Boise.  Looks like a great floor plan and the only brewery in Boise to build from ground level.  The combination of Tyler, Tyson, and Tyler look to have a great chance of success.  I have been drinking Tyler Evens Beer for awhile now and he is a veteran brewer with a talent for brewing.  Tyler comes from Edge Brewing where he did many collaboration beers with Kerry Thomas.  

Keep checking their Facebook page to see their building progress.

Barbarian Brewing will  be Opening in 2015 at 5270 Chinden Blvd. Garden City.  Barbarian is founded and operated by husband and wife duo, James Long and Bre Hovley.  Head Brewer, James will create Belgian and European style Sour Ales, Imperial Ales, and a variety of other beers that will require two to eighteen months of aging time in oak barrels or stainless steel vessels.

I really like this concept.  They will be the only brewery in Boise that will barrel age a lot of the beer.

Keep checking their Facebook page to see their building progress.

Clairvoyant Brewing plan to open in 2015 at 2800 W. Idaho Street, Boise Idaho.  From their webpage: "There are three passionate brewers involved in the creation of Clairvoyant Brewing Company.  We are Ryan Kowalczyk, Mike Edmondson and Tim Carter.  We are creative brewers each with a different style of brewing. This unique amalgam of brewing will make for a fun, enjoyable, flavorful kaleidoscope of beers."

I should also mention County Line Brewery which open several months ago. They are located in the old Kilted Dragon location next the HomebrewStuff.  County Line is owned and operated by husband and wife Zack and Laura Kiehl. They have a very nice selection of beer including my favorite, Shade Tree IPA.

Keep checking their Facebook page to see their latest news.

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  1. Maybe one of these new breweries will be truly GREAT and put pressure on established breweries in town to up their game and get better (and more importantly, consistant).