Friday, August 26, 2016


By Bob Hubler

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We visited the New Post Falls Brewing Company during our trip to Northern Idaho.  In April of 2016 Post Falls Brewing Company became the 51st Brewery in the State of Idaho and the 3rd Brewery in the small town of Post Falls.  In 2011 Post Falls had one brewery, Bi-Plane Brewery, which operated from 2011 to 2014.  Selkirk Abbey opened in 2012 and Down Draft opened in 2014.

Dan Stokes & Alex Sylvain and are the Owner/Brewers of Post Fall's newest brewery which is just a block north of the Coeur d'lene River, about a mile south of Down Draft Brewing and five miles west of Selkirk Abbey Brewing. Dan and Alex met while they were students at Northern Arizona University. Their brewery was a long time in the planning stages and, now that they are both engineers full-time, they can run a brewery part-time.

Post Fall's Brewing has a 15 bbl brew kettle and four 30 bbl fermenters as you can see from the photo below.
The Brew System view from the bar

Bartender Mark did not want his picture least of his face, so we deleted several of those.  Mark had an impressive knowledge of craft beer in America and has visited hundreds of breweries from coast to coast.  Fun guy to talk to about the craft beer culture in Idaho.
Bartender Mark
The flight of beer, from left to right: Obligatory Amber Ale, Tots McOats Milk Stout, Drifter IPA, Stoney MacGuyver IPA and SSSSick and Rowdy IIPA.  Was not a bad beer in the bunch, but I was very fond of the SSSick and Rowdy IIPA.  Nelda liked the Milk Stout although she thought it was a little thin for a stout.
A Flight of beer for $10
Post Falls Brewing has an impressive list of their own beer.  Wish we had more time to try them all.
List of the current beer on tap
Josh, the brewer was very busy crushing the grain for their next beer.
Brewer  grinding grain

The Brewery #52 Story - Hunga Dunga

The Brewery # 53 Story - Mother Earth

Sad to report that Idaho has lost a brewery.  Leaky Faucet was a small production brewery in McCall, Idaho.  They distributed their beer locally in McCall and we found it the SushiBar in McCall.  August Wheeler had his small brewery in his garage.

Updated List of Idaho Breweries

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  1. Thanks for your articles they are always enjoyable to read. Today I am in Portland for the 46th annual Brewery Collectibles Club of America's CANVENTION. Yesterday I added almost 200 new craft cans from around the US.