Monday, March 4, 2013

In 1888, there were 33 different Breweries in the State of Idaho

In 1888, there were 33 different Breweries in the State of Idaho....that is the most breweries there have have ever been in the state at one time.   Although National Prohibtion Started in 1919, Idaho started their own state wide prohibition in there were no breweries in Idaho from 1916 to 1934.  A few breweries came back in Idaho after 1934, but by 1961, they were all gone....the last one the Bohemian Brewery in Boise.  Idaho was without any Breweries until Tim Batt started his Snake River Brewery in 1984.  The T.W. Fischer BrewPub opened in Coeur D' Alene in 1987.  Table Rock BrewPub opened in Boise in 1987 also.

Currently there are 31 Breweries open in Idaho.   List of Idaho Breweries.  Click on the Link to see a complete list of current Breweries in the State of Idaho and a List of those that have com an gone since 1984.  Also included is a short list of Breweries that plan to open in 2013.

The Year 2013 should see at least 34 Breweries in the State finally exceeding the all time high for most Breweries in the State.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dave & Busters in Boise - New Brew

I was talking to Brian down at Dave and Busters last week.  He was very excited about installing new Taps for a yet un-named beer that will be brewed exclusively for Dave and Busters in Boise.   And it will be brewed by a local brewery.   He would not disclose which local brewery, but he did estimate that they would sell 50 Kegs per week.

So which local brewery has a system large enough to brew enough gallons of beer to supply 50 kegs per week????  Big announcement should happen soon.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Breweries in 2013

Okay....time to review the Breweries that we expect to be up and running in 2013.
The following Breweries have been funded thru

So hopefully, we will see the fruits of our investments in 2013.

Bogus Brewing - Coming Soon
Cloud Nine - Coming Soon
BlackBird - Coming Soon

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wait For It....

Wait For It....Wait For It.....

Latest rumour from the Boise Brew Culture Grapevine is.......

There could be a new brewery in the works......and it is secret......

Should know more in the next few weeks.....