Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GROWLER FILL STATIONS.....Everyone's Got One!!!

My first experience with a Growler Fill Station was in Bend, Oregon last Summer.  We were headed back to Idaho after spending two days visiting every Brew Pub and Brewery in Bend.  We did the Bend Ale Trail and were awarded Silipints at the end. We had a trunk full of craft beer not available in Idaho.  After visiting every bottle shop in Bend and not finding any Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, we stopped to fill up with fuel for the trip back to Idaho at the Shell Gas and Growler Guys Fill Station.  I was blown away buy the selection and low and behold, they were pouring Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA for $9.99 for a Growler fill.  I got two.

Upon our return to Boise, we raved about Bend, their breweries, bottle shops and Growler Fill Up Station.
We heard the rumour that Boise would have a Growler Fill Station in the near future.  Then a few weeks later the PreFunk Grower Fill Station opened on Front Street in Boise. It was only the beginning.

Fast Eddys Growler Fill Station opened a few months later in three Boise Area Locations and PreFunk recently announced that they would open a Nampa location in the Summer of 2014.  The Gem Stop on Middleton Road in Nampa Idaho added a Growler Fill Station.

Now the Idaho based Albertson's Grocery Chain has announced their first Growler Fill Station inside their store on 36th and State.  It will be the first of many Growler Fill Stations in their stores.   Rumor is that the Boise Area Fred Meyer Stores will also add Growler Fill Stations.  M&W Markets, Chevron Gas Stations, Jackson and Stinker Station Convenience Stores are all adding Growler Stations.

Soon, most of us will live within a few miles of our nearest Growler Fill Station.

A Partial List of  Current Treasure Valley Growler Stations:

  The Growler Stations listed here are all part of The Growler Station Franchise

Gem Stop - Nampa
1520 S. Middleton Road , Nampa, Idaho 83687
P: (208) 467-9908
Fast Eddys - Ustick
770 West Ustick, Meridian, Idaho 86346
P: (208) 898-0034
Fast Eddys - Ten Mile
750 North Ten Mile, Meridian, Idaho 83642
P: (208) 884-8822
Fast Eddys - Locust Grove
770 West Ustick, Meridian, Idaho 86346
P: (208) 898-0034
Jacksons Food Store - #7 Boise, ID
3110 W State St, Boise, Idaho 83703
P: (208) 343-6926
M&W Market
1835 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, Idaho 83712
P: (208) 342-1744
Beacon Light Chevron
12795 Highway 55, Garden City, Idaho 83714
P: 208-939-2340
Stinker Store 32
1620 N. 13th Street, Boise, Idaho 83702
P: 208-387-0430
Albertsons, Boise - 36th & State
3614 West State Street, Boise, Idaho 83703
P: (208) 426-9614
Gowen Chevron
6450 S. Eisenman Road, Boise, Idaho 83716
P: (208) 342-1006

Friday, June 6, 2014


It has been a whirlwind ride for Collin Rudeen over the last two years since he started a kickstarter project to build Bogus Brewing somewhere in Boise.  The official opening of the BOISE Brewing Brewery will be next Friday, June 13th, with their Grand Opening on June 21st.  Boise Brewing will become the 41st Idaho Brewery and the 14th Boise Area Brewery.   Read the Michael Deed's story to see the story about how Bogus Brewing became Boise Brewing here.

John Lemp owned and operated the Boise Brewery from 1864 to 1907 on Main Street between 3rd and 4th street.  This new incarnation will be roughly 5 blocks away south and west of that location at 512 West Broad Street, Boise, Idaho 83702.  It will also be Boise "Brewing", not Boise "Brewery".  The original served beer and cold cut sandwiches to their patrons. Boise Brewing will be a Brewery with a tasting room similar to Payette Brewing and will not serve food.

Visit the Official Boise Brewing Website here.  It may take several months to change the name on all the website/facebook and other other social media and of course the name on the building and all the glasses, shirts etc.   But by the time ski season rolls around, Bogus will only refer to the Ski area.

Boise Brewing on Twitter