Monday, May 26, 2014


Over the last few months, Idaho has been of the verge of 40 Breweries.  Seems like every time we get to number 40, we lose a brewery.  First there was the closure of Biplane Brewing in Post Falls.  The latest is the closing of the landmark Table Rock Brewery in Boise.

We were waiting on the opening of Bogus Brewing in Boise to become Number 40 when we received the unexpected news that there will be no Bogus Brewing.  Latest casualty in the Craft Beer/Brewery Copyright wars is "Bogus" Brewing. Apparently, the Bogus Basin Ski Resort has issues with a brewery using the name Bogus.  So in an agreement to appease the Ski Resort People, the Bogus Brewing Owners will change their name.  You can have input on the new here.

I guess this will make all those growlers, beer mugs, t-shirts and stickers with the Bogus Brewing logo instant collector items.

This will make their June 13th Grand Opening very suspenseful.  Come to the Opening to try their beer and to find out the name of the Brewery!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I remember going to the opening of the Table Rock Brew Pub back in 1991 with my wife.  We were in the first group that came thru their door and one of the first to order and sample a beer.  We hung out at Table Rock for a few years.  We knew the owners, Mike and Peggy Fitzgerald and the Head Brewer, Terry Dennis.  It was great to be able to drink beer in Idaho made by Idahoans from mostly Idaho Ingredients.

Table Rock was our restaurant of choice.  Loved their Bangers and Mash  and their Scottish Egg.  Really like the TD's Brown Nut Ale and their Shillelagh Stout. My wife's favorite was the Orange Blossom Special.  When family and friends came to town, we always took them to TR.  Spent many birthdays there.

We will always have our fond memories of the times we spent there, but it really was time to go. It seemed apparent that the management was more concerned with the restaurant side the the business to the detriment of the brewery side of the business.

So now we drop back to 39 breweries in Idaho, but only for a few weeks.  Bogus Brewing is on the verge of opening with expected opening dates of June 13th or June 20th from reliable sources.

There is a bright side to losing Table Rock.  We will gain another Brew Pub at the same location.  Rick Boyd of Brewforia and The Grind will opening another Brewforia and The Grind around September 1st.
I am thinking the will once again have some great food and great beer at 705 West Fulton.

P.S.  We may even get to drink some Simian Beer there.....

Monday, May 5, 2014


Looks like Bogus Brewing in Boise Idaho will NOT be the 40th Brewery in the State of Idaho.
Paragon Brewing in Couer D'Alene is now open for business..
Paragon Brewing is a full service Brewpub.
Here is there webpage:

For a full list of Idaho's 40 Breweries and the list of Breweries slated to open in the future, Click Here.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Big Brew Day at HomeBrewStuff - New Breweries coming to Garden City

My Wife and I had a great time at Big Brew Day sponsored by on Saturday.
The smell of boiling wort permeated the area with lots of homebrewers brewing their beer and some of the homebrewers talking about taking the next step and opening their own Breweries.

There were four Brewers offering their samples there that plan to open new Breweries in the Area. We got to sample beer from CountyLine Brewery, Haff Brewing, Powderhaus Brewing and BearIsland Brewing.

Both Haff Brewing and Powderhaus Brewing plan to open the Breweries in Garden City within the next 5 months.  They would become the 15th and 16th Craft Breweries in the Area.

I enjoyed talking to Tyler Schmidt about his new Powderhaus Brewery which will be located in a building that will be built on a vacant lot in Garden City.  He had a one barrel brewing system at the Big Brew Day that will be their R&D Test system in the new brewery.

Brian Haff was pouring his Lucky Peak Ale with Citra.  He was very excited about hiring his new head brewer, Derek Anderson.  Derek is well know in the area with brewing experience both at The RAM and Table Rock Brew Pub.  I look forward to drinking the beer at Haff Brewing next August.

We had a great time meeting Beth from BearIslandBrewing.  She would become the third female brewmaster in the valley when she opens her brewery.

I plan to divulge more information about these new area breweries in upcoming blogs.

In the mean time, check out the latest additions to the breweries list the the BoiseBeerCulture Website.