Monday, May 26, 2014


Over the last few months, Idaho has been of the verge of 40 Breweries.  Seems like every time we get to number 40, we lose a brewery.  First there was the closure of Biplane Brewing in Post Falls.  The latest is the closing of the landmark Table Rock Brewery in Boise.

We were waiting on the opening of Bogus Brewing in Boise to become Number 40 when we received the unexpected news that there will be no Bogus Brewing.  Latest casualty in the Craft Beer/Brewery Copyright wars is "Bogus" Brewing. Apparently, the Bogus Basin Ski Resort has issues with a brewery using the name Bogus.  So in an agreement to appease the Ski Resort People, the Bogus Brewing Owners will change their name.  You can have input on the new here.

I guess this will make all those growlers, beer mugs, t-shirts and stickers with the Bogus Brewing logo instant collector items.

This will make their June 13th Grand Opening very suspenseful.  Come to the Opening to try their beer and to find out the name of the Brewery!!!!!

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