Monday, November 2, 2015


And the  Boise Area Gets Brewery #18!

Powderhaus Brewing will become Idaho's 50th Active Brewery when it opens this Friday, November 6th.  Their Beer is already starting to show up around town.  There will be a tasting on Tuesday at Bittercreek and a tasting on Wednesday at Bier:Thirty and a tasting at the Front Door on Thursday for their initial beers.

This Week's Schedule for Drinking some Powderhaus Brewing Beer:

Tuesday Bitter Creek Tasting 6:00 to ????

Wednesday Bier:Thirty Tasting 5:00 to ????

Thursday Front Door Tasting

Friday Tap Room Opening  3:00  to ????

Saturday Tap Room Opens at Noon!!!


Details about Idaho's Newest Breweries from the Idaho Statesman

Here is a list of the Breweries in Treasure Valley:
  1. PostModern Brewers - Boise Brew Pub
  2. Highlands Hollow - Boise Brew Pub
  3. Sockeye BrewPub - 2 Locations -Boise Brew Pubs
  4. The RAM - 2 locations - Boise Brew Pub
  5. Cloud Nine - Boise Brew Pub
  6. Edge Brewing - Boise Brew Pub
  7. 10 Barrel Brewing - Boise Brew Pub
  8. Crooked Fence Barrel House -Boise Brew Pub
  9. Payette Brewing Co.- Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  10. Crescent Brewery - Nampa Brewery with Tap Room
  11. Slanted Rock - Meridian Brewery with Tap Room
  12. Woodland Empire Ale Craft - Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  13. Boise Brewing- Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  14. Haff Brewing  - Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  15. County Line Brewery - Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  16. Barbarian Brewing - Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  17. Powderhaus Brewing - Boise Brewery with Tap Room
  18. Bear Island Brewing - Boise Production Brewery

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