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By Bob Hubler

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It was five years ago last May that Mike Francis invited the Snake River Brewers Homebrew Club to tour his new Payette Brewery in Garden City and taste his beer.  Mike had been attending the SRB meetings and kept giving us updates on his progress in building his own brewery over the previous 18 months. His flagship beer named Outlaw IPA, became my favorite IPA.

Since then, the Payette  Brewing Company has grown to being the number one brewing company in Idaho in annual sales.  The new brewery costing $4.5 million will enable Payette Brewing to maintain their growth and introduce their beer into new states.  You can already find their beer in Washington, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.

Payette Brewing Company recently opened their new 60 BBL Brewery on Pioneer Street in Boise, Idaho.  Awesome location just off the Boise Green Belt north of Ann Morrison Park. So five years after Snake River Brewer's Homebrew Club toured the original Payette Brewery in Garden City, they were invited back to tour the new Payette Brewery on September 8, 2016.

SRB Members and Guests Ready for the Tour
Steve Sutherland gave our group a detailed description of the Brewing Process
Our Tour Guide Steve
The Payette Brewery has a 60 BBL system with multiple fermenters ranging in size from 60 BBL to 240 BBL  The Canning Line is capable of 70 Cases per Hour.

Payette Brewing currently employs 34 people that run the brewery and tap room at their new location.  As the brewery expands, there could be 70 to 80 employees.  They are currently brewing only during the day. The brewery has a potential capacity to brew 100,000 BBL's per year with day and night shifts and additional fermenters.

The Grist headed to the Mash Tun via twin augers

The 60 BBS Brewing system with the Mash and Lauter Tuns in front.

Mash tun and Lauter tun on the left and the Brew Kettle and Whirlpool on the right
Two of the many Fermenters

Mash Tun on the left and Lauter Tun on the right
You can see the bottling line at the back of the brewery

Brewing System from the Ground Level

These two tanks are part the cleaning process.

P.S. The Original Garden City Brewery is still there brewing smaller batches and limited edition beer.

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