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By Bob Hubler

Ed Danti and Greta Mohr opened Idaho's 109th Brewery on Friday,  December 18, 2020.  Twisted District becomes the Treasure Valley's 29th brewery and the 81st Idaho brewery currently  in operation.  It also fills the gap between Western Collective and Loose Screw in Garden City.  Garden City now has 7 breweries, but only one Brew Pub!  That would be Twisted District Brew which has a kitchen.

This brewery is the most unique brewery in Idaho as the beer is actually brewed in New Zealand and Germany.  The wort is then sent to Bud Mohr where he ferments it in one of his four 5BBL fermentors.  Bud also dry hops the soon to be beer.  That means their German style beer really was brewed in Germany.  Bud works with the foreign brewers to develop the recipes for the beer brewed over there. You can't get that anywhere else in Idaho.

Twisted District Brew Co is the 11th Brew Pub in the valley which means they serve food from their own kitchen.  Twisted District is Garden Cities only Brew Pub. They have no grill, so no burgers or fries,  but a decent array of Dogs, Salads, Briskets, and Chili.  Check out their menu here.

I had the Buffalo Brat which was excellent and my wife had the deviled eggs that were very good too.  Buddy Mike really liked the Guinness Beer Brat.

Twisted District will open at 11:00 7 Days a week.  Check their facebook page for closing times.

P.S.  These guys are a Beer Buddies Hub


Bud Mohr, Head Brewer


This brewery is a family affair with one of the co-owners, Greta working with her son, Bud, the Brewer.

Brewer Bud Mohr with his mother, Greta Mohr

The other owner is Ed Danti, Greta's boyfriend.

Check the Flight Holders in the photos below:

Bud preparing flights of his beer

Bud serving the Beer flights to customers


The brewery has no HTL, Mash Tun, nor Brew Kettle.  It has four 5BBL refrigerated Fermenters.  I asked Bud if there were any plans in the future to brew their own wort.  He told me probably not, as they were very happy with the current plan.

Front View of the Fermentors

Side View of the Fermentors


Twisted District Brew Co. is another great addition to Brewers Row in Garden City.

Twisted District Webpage

Twisted District Facebook

Current List of Idaho Breweries

The Star Route Brewery opened in Pocatello about a week prior to the opening of the Twisted District Brew Co.  


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