Sunday, August 27, 2017


by Bob Hubler

We are  coming into the Home Stretch for Boise's newest breweries with Lost Grove announcing an opening date on October 6th.  White Dog will be open the first half of September with Clairvoyant most likely opening after White Dog and before Lost Grove.  The number of Treasure Valley Breweries will jump from 20 to 23 (25 if you count the cideries).

White Dog Brewing will probably be the first to open.  They have hired their staff and are currently brewing beer for their opening in about two weeks.  The two photos below may look familiar to the long time fans of the Table Rock Brew Pub.
This is what you will see when you walk in

No Kitchen means more space for tables

And don't forget that White Dog Brewing will be a Brewery with a Tap House.  There will be no on-site restaurant like its predecessors, Table Rock and Modern Grind.  There will be a Food Truck (fifth wheel in this case) onsite serving both White Dog and Long Drop Cider company.
Where to get the food at White Dog Brewing

Clairvoyant Brewing is the Brewery that has been the longest in the works.  Clairvoyant started their construction in early 2015.  From the latest pictures (below), they look like they could open tomorrow.  They are currently brewing beer for their opening in the next few weeks.
Look closely to see the Brewer at Work

You could be sitting at this table very soon

Lost Grove Brewing plans to have their Grand Opening on October 6th.  I talked to Jake Black on Monday and he is confident they may open a few days before the grand opening.  Brewing has commenced at the Lost Grove Brewery. They will have two of their own beers on tap with more offerings down the road.

Brewing at the  Lost Grove Brewery
The signage is up.

Watch  for the latest Brewery Opening Dates on the Boise Beer Buddies Email List

Remember that you can click on the above photos to enlarge to see more detail.

There will be two new breweries added to the count in 2018.  The first is Spring Creek Brewing in Avimor.  I got a chance to talk to Jeff and Marc at the Mother Earth Celebration on Saturday.  They expect the ground breaking ceremony to take place in the next few weeks.  Spring Creek Brewing will be the second brewery in the Treasure Valley to be built from the ground up as a brewery.

The other brewery will open in Caldwell, Idaho.  Tony Stewart of Stewart's Bar and Grill plans to open a brewery next to his current business.  Tony is confident that his brewery will be open by August 2018. He has not selected a name for his brewery yet.

On a sad note:  Brewers Haven in Nampa has closed.  The popular Bottle Shop and Home Brew Supply store will be missed by the Canyon County home brewers.  The Brewers Haven in Boise remains open.

In other Canyon County Brew News, the PreFunk Nampa Growler Station will double in size soon. The hope is that they will be able to carry more bottles to make up for the Brewers Haven closure.

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