Tuesday, February 9, 2021


by Bob Hubler


There are Thirty Craft Breweries currently operating in the Treasure Valley ranging from the very small breweries like Parma Ridge and the Gerald Turner Brewery to the large production breweries like Mother Earth, Payette and Sockeye. Eight of those breweries have added second locations or moved to a second location.  Three of those breweries moved to Idaho from other states. Two of those breweries plan to open a second location in downtown Boise within the next year. The latest breweries to add a second location are Loose Screw and Mad Swede.



The new Loose Screw Brewery in Meridian opened Friday, February 5, 2021.  This location will be a "Meridian Community Gathering Center" featuring live entertainment.  It is a brewery with a tap house.  Owners Chris and Bethany Hughes have a opened a gathering place for families and dogs, which include a game area, rest area with couches and television to watch your favorite sports all while drinking your favorite Loose Screw Beer.  Marcos Moss, head brewer, will split his time between the original Garden City and new Meridian location.  Marcos is one of the best brewers in the valley!!

Loose Screw is the first brewery to move from Boise/Garden City to the Meridian area, since the RAM did it twenty five years ago.  But the RAM did not move any of the  brewing operations to Meridian, while Loose Screw's new location IS a brewery.

My wife and I went to the opening on Friday at noon to meet a few friends and check out the new Loose Screw Tap House and Brewery.  They have a very friendly staff that took our orders (flights all around) and talked about their new jobs at Loose Screw.  We had a great time visiting with the owners and talking about the next steps for their new location.  Chris said they still needed to add a side opening to access the patio along the East side of the building.  He also said that they would add some more capacity to the current brewing equipment.

My buddy, Mike, went next door to Jersey Mike's and returned with some great subs to eat at our tables there.  Did I mention that patrons are welcome to bring in their own food?  I should also mention that Loose Screw shares an outdoor patio with Delsa's Ice Cream Parlour.  Delsa's is a long time institution in Boise formerly located just south of Capitol High School.

While we were there, I met a guy who came to Loose Screw on a skate board from a area subdivision.  I envy all those live close to this "Meridian Community Gathering Center".  To the south, there are people that have backyards that border the tap house.  They literally can open their sliding glass door and walk a hundred feet to get a Loose Screw beer.

I should mention that in addition to their own great beer, they also serve wine, cider and seltzers.  

P.S. Not only is Loose Screw a Beer Buddies Hub, they also sell Boise Beer Buddies Memberships.



The Loose Screw Crew

Lounge Area

The Brewing Equipment

The Game Area



Located next door to 10 Barrel Brewing and across the street from City Peanut Shop, this cozy Brew Pub reminiscent of a coffeehouse, serves Mad Swedish Meatballs and New Zealand Hand Pies along with their excellent Mad Swede Beer and Seltzers.

Mad Swede Beer Hall will feature local  live entertainment.  In addition to their own beer and seltzers, they will also serve wine and hard ciders. 

With the addition of the Mad Swede Beer Hall, the Boise Pub Crawl becomes a lot more interesting.

My wife and I visited the week of their opening enjoyed a flight of their best beer while visiting with their staff.  This a great location and perfect place to stop for Dinner while visiting downtown.  Did I mention the beer?  Jerry Larson is a great brewer who took his skill set developed homebrewing and transitioned to a great commercial  brewer who brews some amazing beer.

Congratulations Jerry and Susie on your new venture.

And don't forget to use your Boise Beer Buddies card here to get that $1.00 discount off your first pint.

Now Open

The Entrance

Boise Weekly Story

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Edge Brewing Pub on 10th

Edge Brewing opened it's Boise Downtown Brew Pub in 2019.  This location is a restaurant that serves their beer that continues to be brewed at their original location on Steelhead Way.

Barbarian Brewing

Barbarian Brewing opened it's Boise Downtown location in 2017.  All of their beer is still brewed at their original Garden City location.

Bear Island Brewing

Bear Island Brewing opened their first Tap House in Fire Station #9 in late 2018.  Most of their beer is currently brewed at their new location.  Their first location was a brewery in their double car garage at their house.  They became a Brew Pub in 2020 adding a food menu.

Sockeye Brew Pub

Sockeye Brewing started their brewing operations on Federal Way in Boise before opening their Brew Pub on Curtis in the former Peg Leg Annies location.  Sockeye Brewing opened their third location on Fairview Ave in Boise.  Their Fairview location houses a much larger brewery and restaurant.  Their Curtis location closed in 2019.

Crescent Brewing

Crescent Brewing was started by Jerry Fergusson in a small building on Karcher Road near the Sugar Beet Factory.  It soon moved to it's current location near the south end of the 16th Street Overpass.

Payette Brewing

Mike Francis started in Payette Brewery on 33rd street in Garden City.  Payette added their second location on River Street in Boise a few years later.  Payette Brewing eventually sold the Garden City site to Western Collective Brewing.



10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing opened their first location in Bend, Oregon.  The Boise location was their second location.  

Mother Earth Brewing

Mother Earth Brewing started out in Vista, California before opening a second location in Nampa, Idaho.  Their Nampa location is a production brewery with a small tap room. There is a current rumor that Mother Earth is planning to open a Taproom in Downtown Boise.

Boise DEV Story

Western Collective

Western Collective started out as Guns & Oil Brewing Co. based in Texas.  They changed their name to Western Collective when they opened their new brewery in Garden City, Idaho.  They are planning to open a second location at 610 W. Idaho street.  Their new location will be dubbed "Western Social" and they will serve the beer brewed at their Garden City Brewery.

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