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By Bob Hubler

Lost Grove Brewery before the opening awaiting the first customers

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Lost Grove Brewing became the 23rd Brewery in Treasure Valley on Friday, October 6th, 2017.  They also became the 60th Active Brewery in the State of Idaho. 

This brewery is the brainchild of Jacob "Jake" Black.  You probably know Jake from his time pouring beer at the original Payette Brewing Tap House in Garden City.  Jake was the original Sales Manager for Payette Brewing.  Jake and Mike Francis, the Founder of Payette Brewing, were friends from their high school days at Boise High School.

The Lost Grove Brewery and Tap House is just a couple of blocks from the Boise State University Campus and is surrounded by BSU Student Apartments.  They are "dog and bicycle friendly" with plans for plenty of bicycle parking out front.  Their unique location between BSU and Ann Morrison Park and just two blocks from the Greenbelt Bike Path should allow many customers easy access to the brewery.

Customers in line waiting to drink a beer at Idaho's newest brewery

The lines were long for the opening on Friday night.  Those customers got this collector's silver pint cup and two beer tokens for $10.00.

The Lost Grove Collector's Pint Cup

There were two basic beers pouring Friday and Saturday.  The "Say Shhhhh! Smash IPA"  and the "Teddy Bear Picnic" which was a sessions IPA.  They were accompanied by different varieties of each with a dry hop versions and a version with Ginger Peach added.  The Say Shhhh! Smash IPA was my favorite and I will be drinking again soon.

The Beer is flowing inside the Tap Room

The Grand opening was a huge success with a large turnout of local craft beer fans and many of Jake's friends there to help him celebrate the opening of his brewery.  The Tap Room was crowded when I was there with a lot of beer drinkers also on the side patio behind the Food Truck.

See any familiar faces at the outdoor area?

Food for the opening was provided by the Sushi Shack.  We received a lot of positive feedback about their great food.   I look forward to their next visit  to Lost Grove.

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  2. Sockeye BrewPub* - 2 Locations - Boise
  3. The RAM - 2 locations* - Boise & Meridian
  4. Crescent Brewery# - Nampa
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  6. Payette Brewing#- Boise
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  20. Mad Swede Brewing# - Boise 
  21. White Dog Brewing* - Boise
  22. Clairvoyant Brewing# - Boise
  23. Lost Grove Brewing - Boise 

Lost Grove may not be the last brewery to open in Southwest Idaho in 2017.  Payette Brewing is rumored to be selling their original location to another brewery.  This location is a "turn-key" ready brewery that could be up and running by the end of the year depending on all the red tape.

There are three more breweries slated to open in Southwest Idaho in 2018:


  1. Spring Creek Brewing - 2018
  2. New Caldwell Brewery at Stewarts - 2018
  3. 2C Family Brewing - Nampa - 2018

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