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By Bob Hubler

When the Lost Grove Brewing brewery and tap room opened in Boise in 2017, they became the 80th brewery to open in the State of Idaho since 1984 when Tim Batt opened his Snake River Brewing brewery just west of Caldwell, Idaho.  Check out the current list of breweries in Idaho:  List of  Idaho Breweries

Idaho added six new breweries in 2017 albeit one brewery was a reopening of a brewery that closed the year before.  Moscow Brewing was the name of a brewery that operated in Moscow, Idaho from the 1882 until 1908.  Lucas Rate started a brewery in Moscow in 2013 and named it the "Moscow Brewing Company"  in honor of that first Moscow brewery.  His brewery shut down in 2016.
The Moscow Brewery reopened in June 2017 with new equipment and new owners.  See full story here.

New growth from old roots — Moscow Brewing Company grand reopening marks a continuation of a rich Moscow brewing history

The Radio Brewing Company became Kellogg's first brewery since the 1800's when it opened in April 2017.  They are a Brew Pub offering a full range of food to compliment their craft beer on tap. Check their blog out at

The Shattuck Brewery became Idaho's 77th brewery when it opened in Elk River, Idaho in 2017.  This very unique Idaho brewery is on the road to nowhere located just outside of Idaho's remote Elk River.  This area is known as a great area to hunt in the fall.  Nate Schwartz is the founder, owner and brew master.  He plans to keep his taproom closed in the Winter months.

Three new breweries opened in Boise in the last half on 2017.  Clairvoyant Brewing and Lost Grove Brewing opened in buildings that were converted to breweries, while White Dog Brewing opened at the Table Rock Brew Pub location.

Check out the list below for information on each of the new Idaho breweries:

75 55 Radio Brewing Co. Kellogg Brew Pub Facebook
76 56 Moscow Brewing Co Moscow Brew Pub Facebook
77 57 Shattuck Brewery Elk River Tap Room  Facebook
78 58 White Dog Brewing Boise   Tap Room Facebook
79 59 Clairvoyant Brewing Boise  Tap Room Facebook
80 60 Lost Grove Brewing Boise  Tap Room Facebook

It is always sad to see any brewery close it's doors.  Both of the breweries that closed down in 2017 were from North Idaho, just a few miles from each other. Click on the links below for their stories.

48 21 Slate Creek Brewing Coeur d' Alene Tap Room 2012-2017
59 22 Down Draft Brewing  Post Falls Tap Room 2014-2017

That's a wrap on the 2017 Idaho Brewery News.

The next BoiseBeerCulture Blog will be the forecast of the Idaho new brewery openings in 2018.

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