Monday, November 23, 2015

Boise Weekly's Beer University

Not a Blog This Week, Just a Link To:

Tara Morgan's Beer University Story in The Boise Weekly

Great Job Tara and Thank Your for the Shout Out for the Boise Beer Culture Blog.

Intro To Story:

Welcome, prospective students, to Boise Weekly's Beer University. The Treasure Valley is currently home to 18 craft breweries, and three more are slated to open in 2016. With so many microbrews making their way onto the local market, it's important to learn a little about what's going on in your glass. From ABV to zymurgy, BW has your buzzed back

In the following brochure, you'll find an outline of our prestigious and totally fictional BW Beer University curriculum. From a 101 class on basic beer terms to an upper division course on homebrewing, this course will help you get your beer smarts on in Boise. With a little study and a lot of sampling, you can walk away with an imaginary degree in Treasure Valley Beer. Your parents will be so proud.

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